Welcome to PB-J (or Photos By Jack). I am Jack and I like to take photos (if that weren't evident from the name). I will be posting my work to this site along with where a set of photos was taken, with what gear, and what I saw in the subject that warranted a photo. I mostly like landscapes and more abstract photography; but lately I've been pushing myself to do more that involves people. I really love photography, as it is an outlet for me, and it lets me capture what I think is beautiful, or what needs to be seen by more people than just myself. I hope you enjoy some of the photos, and don't be afraid to shoot me an email at pb.j.ackg@gmail.com. My price sheet can be found at this link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/26g7b6zunacmqbz/Price%20Sheet%20-%20PB-J%20%28v1.0.docx?dl=0

Thank you,


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